Vittoria Colonna, Member of One of the Oldest Noble Families in Europe – at the Diplomacy & Commerce Welcome Summer Party!

Aleksandar Đorđević, organizer of the festival “24 Hours of Elegance” and author of many documentaries, always brings interesting global faces to Belgrade

So together we hosted Olga Romanov, the heir of the Russian imperial family, Santo Versace, the brother of the famous Gianni and the author of the book “Fratelli” and Lady Campbell, the author of Princess Diana’s biography. This time, at the Diplomacy&Commerce Welcome Summer Party, he brought Vittoria Colonna, a member of one of the oldest noble families in Europe, which dates back to Ancient Rome.

Among her ancestors is Vittoria Colonna, one of Michelangelo’s muses. The Colonna family has produced popes, cardinals and generals for centuries. Michelangelo’s muse, the poet Vitoria Colonna, is also on the fresco “The Last Judgment” in the Sistine Chapel, the artist painted her right next to him.

Our guest from yesterday lives in Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni in the heart of Florence, she is a talented screenwriter, singer and director.

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