Vojvodina in 2022

The Color Media Communications Company and Diplomacy&Commerce magazine held the traditional conference called Vojvodina in 2022 in the big hall of the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

The conference was opened by Igor Mirović, the Head of the Vojvodinian government, who said that the conference’s goal of the conference was to present projections for 2022 for some of the most important segments of social life.

Internal unity is the most important issue for us, in Vojvodina. This is a prerequisite for overall economic and social development. We have been facilitating economic development for the last six years in a well-thought-out way that has led to concrete results,Mr Mirović pointed out.


Robert Čoban, President of Color Press Group and the conference organizer said, at the opening, that it gave him great pleasure to see that the conference was held for the fourth consecutive time and that the gathered participants would discuss crucial issues for Vojvodina’s development. “We are here not only to talk about achieved results but also to try to forecast certain events that will take place this year and draw the attention of decision-makers to topics that concern all of us,“ Mr Čoban added.

Participants of the following panel discussions presented their observations and views:

Vojvodina, a European region – How experiences from other countries can aid the Province’s development?

Green agenda and green economy – Agriculture and environmental protection as the main trump cards of Vojvodina’s sustainable future.

Cities, villages, roads and bridges that we are building – How to make sure that the Province’s urbanization does not jeopardize cultural and industrial heritage?

Vojvodina is more than just farms – Minority communities in Vojvodina as a bridge of cooperation between Serbia and the region and an opportunity to instigate economic development in rural areas.

Vojvodina is female – Gender equality, gender-sensitive budgeting and women as potential.


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