Vojvodina needs more experts to attract investment

Vojvodina municipalities have attracted an average of 4,5 foreign direct investments in the past 10 years but the most successful were those that have established and developed the Offices for Local Economic Development (OLED), as a special department to support the existing businesses and attraction of investors. Those employing at least 4 specialists had an average of 6 FDI while those with 3 employees or less had the result half the weaker, shows the study NALED conducted within the project “Analysis of the capacity of local governments in AP Vojvodina management activities of local economic development”, which was supported by the Provincial Secretariat for Interregional Cooperation and local Government.

Predstavljanje istraživanja KLER - Pančevo (3) Predstavljanje istraživanja KLER - Goran Kovačević (4)


Predstavljanje istraživanja KLER - Pančevo (2)
– It is an undeniable positive correlation between capacity and OLED while local governments that have decided to further improve the quality of service by joining NALED’s certification programme of municipalities with favourable business environment have a better effect. Eleven municipalities that have successfully undergone certification attracted almost three times as many investment compared to others – said a member of NALED Managing Board and CEO of Gomex Goran Kovačević while presenting the research at the City Administration of Pančevo.

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