VTB Bank Belgrade donated to the Association “Let’s Live together”

VTB Bank Belgrade has officially donated to the Association for persons with disabilities “Let’s Live together” in Belgrade.

A donation of 500,000 dinars was officially handed by Markus Ferstl, Chairman of the Executive Board of VTB Bank Belgrade. He said: “Today we presented a donation to the association “Let’s Live together” and to VTB Bank is a great and important day. For us, profit or a large number of clients are not the only measures of success. We believe it is important that all successful companies share a part of their success to the most vulnerable and often marginalised, social groups. We are very happy that such associations exist and they remind us that we need to engage in the improvement of the general social environment. We have recognized the association “Let’s Live together” for their full commitment and long-term effort to help people with disabilities to develop their full capacities and to help them, but also their families, to provide better and more meaningful life. “

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