VTB banka a.d. Belgrade has a new owner

VTB Banka a.d. Belgrade has a new owner. After successfully taking over 100% ownership of VTB Bank in Serbia, its new owner is a Serbian company, whose sole founder is Russian investor and banker Andrey Shlyakhovoy.

The transaction was carried out with the full approval of the National Bank of Serbia. Andrey Shlyakhovoy has a PhD in economic sciences with almost thirty years of banking experience who founded a bank of his own which was later sold and merged to a larger banking system. Also, he successfully led the process of acquisition and development of other banks in the territory of the Russian Federation. Takeover of VTB Banka a.d. Belgrade is the first step in the Serbian market for which it assessed that it has significant growth potential, not only in terms of continuing and expanding the existing line of business of this bank, but also in the development and supply of new products based on innovative financial technologies (Fintech).

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