We Want to Make Our High-performance Home Appliances Accessible to Everyone

Technology and innovation as tools to create a more livable world

Beko, of which Beko Balkans is a subsidiary, is one of the world’s largest home appliances manufacturers. The representative office of this global player in Serbia was opened in 2015, but the products were present on our market even before, through partners. Beko quickly became one of Serbia’s favorite brands when it comes to home appliances.

Modern design, high performance, energy saving, ease of use and long service life have made Beko appliances very popular. Beko Balkans CEO Alp Arbatli talked to InFocus about how much and what is being invested in order to be even more successful, and how Beko Balkans’ business is not only about quantity but also about quality and sustainable products (Beko is among the leaders of responsible business in the world), as well as what it’s like to do business in Serbia.

Why was it decided to make Serbia your „HQ” for the region and how did you manage to gain the trust of consumers and become one of favorite brands in Serbia?

From Serbia, we manage 8 countries, together with our subsidiary Beko Croatia. What brought us to Serbia is the business landscape, logistical and geographical position, legislation that works well, quality people who are our main strength, and much more. Together we take care of the quality of our products, we constantly communicate with our end customers and listen to their needs and impressions, we try to maintain the loyalty of our consumers and to be a part of their everyday life in the right way. We are glad that we are one of the companies in Serbia that raises awareness of the importance of sustainability, and that we have encountered positive reactions from consumers who here, too, are increasingly able to appreciate sustainable business. Sustainability in every business segment is very important for the entire Group.

We are committed to providing products that are not only innovative and reliable, but also promote good consumer health and environmental sustainability

Sustainability in every business segment is very important for the entire Group. Can you name some of the many interesting examples of both sustainable business and products?

Sustainability is our driving force. We believe in technology and innovation as tools to create a more livable world. Our commitment to achieving net zero emissions across our entire chain by 2050 and our ambitious goals for 2030 inspire us to do even more. In our circular economy initiatives, we have made significant progress: we have used 192.2 million recycled PET bottles in our MDAs and air conditioners in the last five years. Our innovative BioFridge features egg containers made from 20% eggshell waste and 79% bioplastics, and our AutoDose dishwasher promotes sustainability by using 28% less detergent. We are, in fact, champions of energy efficiency, but more importantly, energy efficiency is key to reducing the electricity bill for each of our customers individually.

The slogan of your consumer brand Beko was „Eat Like A Pro” which evolved into „Live Like A Pro” and is now „Beko’s State of Mind”, all with a very interesting background. Can you explain what that refers to?

„Beko’s State of Mind” refers to a comprehensive approach to well-being, which goes beyond healthy living itself. It encompasses both the health of the individual and the health of the planet. At Beko, we embrace this holistic perspective and focus not only on physical well-being but on various other aspects as well, all of which contribute to overall health. We are committed to providing products that are not only innovative and reliable, but also promote good consumer health and environmental sustainability. “Beko’s State of Mind” represents our commitment to ensure that.

What are the plans for the future, for business as a whole?

In terms of sales and product development, our goal is to make sustainability accessible to everyone. Beko will continue its mission to „democratize” technology by launching an expanded range of affordable, high-performance home appliances. Our focus will constantly revolve around strengthening our collaboration with our retail partners. Finally, we will continue to invest in consumer education, with the goal of raising awareness of sustainable consumption and encouraging our customers to actively participate in our efforts to make the world a better place to live.

We have used 192.2 million recycled pet bottles in our mdas and air conditioners in the last five years

How would you generally rate or describe your stay in Belgrade and Serbia? What makes you happy here, as a businessman, and what makes you happy as a resident of our country?

Because of work, I also stayed in the USA for a while, I got used to differences, but in Serbia it was very easy for me to adapt, both for me and my family. As a family of four, we felt welcome from the beginning. The culture is very similar to ours, and we like to gather family and friends and spend time together. On the business front, communication as well as some good partner relations are very important in Serbia, and above all, professionalism is also a very important part of business here. Also, some kind of personal connection in work, and fulfilling promises mean a lot, so I enjoy work, because it’s a winning combination. Whenever there is an opportunity, we organize gatherings and meetings with our consumers at various events, but also with partners both in Serbia and the entire region. And those are the events that always remain in our fond memories. So, at a get-together, we decided to seal a keg of brandy with our partners and associates, which we named „Bekovača” and with which we toasted the start of the successful year 2023. With the desire to make life easier in the performance of everyday tasks, we will strive for constant innovation and new technologies so that Beko is the State of Mind when choosing home appliances and small household appliances.

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