Where Tradition Meets Innovation

The Amauris Vienna has recently opened its doors at the iconic Ringstrasse Boulevard, accommodating a unique gastronomic jewel – the Glasswing Restaurant

This refined establishment, along with the adjoining Glasswing Bar & Bistro, complements the exclusive offerings of the hotel, catering to both its guests and those seeking an exceptional dining experience. Crafted by passionate experts committed to honest and authentic atmospheres, the Glasswing Restaurant stands as a testament to this unique gastronomic destination. While The Amauris Vienna´s interior will delight you with its magical atmosphere, your experience in the Glasswing Restaurant will add a new level of luxury and gastronomic extravagance. Additionally, the scenic view of the stunning Ringstrasse Boulevard and meticulously prepared flavours and dishes, accentuated by minute details, enhance the overall experience. The Glasswing Restaurants menu stands out in many aspects, with flavour creations representing a sophisticated combination of traditional and modern Austrian dishes. Most of the ingredients are selected in line with nature and season availability. Moreover, it showcases distinctive specialties prepared by local artisans using unique techniques, adding to the menu’s distinctive allure.

And who are the artisans that create the flavour magic offered in the Glasswing Restaurant?

Alexandru Simon is the Executive Chef and creative virtuoso behind the specialties that will win your heart and make all your senses enjoy. Similarly to The Amauris Vienna itself, Alexandru Simon combines Vienna’s rich cultural heritage with innovative and contemporary flavours. The restaurant offers dishes that represent a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, with a focus on the highest quality of preparing and serving food, whether those are dishes from the local region in Austria or some of the numerous seafood specialties. The chef’s love for authenticity and respect for natural ingredients is clearly reflected in all of his culinary wonders. His vast culinary experience adds to the restaurant’s sophistication and elegance, creating a unique harmony of flavors and visual experience.

Alexandru Simon is the Executive Chef and creative virtuoso behind the specialties that will win your heart and make all your senses enjoy

Passion for wine is the foundation for every good sommelier, but it is fine details that make a difference when it comes to top-notch restaurants. In addition to understanding wine, a sommelier should be someone who perfectly follows and listens to guests’ tastes and recognizes preferences in tiny hints for a perfect pairing with selected food. The Glasswing Restaurant´s collection of over 350 wines, curated masterpieces like the original art collection decorating the walls, is a true highlight of the restaurant, including premium wines from Austria and renowned wine-growing regions of France, Italy, and overseas destinations. The experienced sommelier of the Glasswing Restaurant, Max Populorum, is someone who will passionately take you on a journey through this diverse world and present the finest red, white, and sparkling wines.

The restaurant manager, Andreas Rehrmbacher, boasts with exceptionally vast professional experience. His adeptness spans various restaurant facets, emphasizing staff potential development for elevated service quality and customer contentment. A harmonious atmosphere in the restaurant is a result of his support and communication between various sectors, with the final result of serving every dish with incredible passion and precision.

And if you opt for a drink after dinner, you will be welcomed by Maximilian Wölle, the experienced manager and bartender of the Glasswing Bar & Bistro, who meticulously cares about every aspect of this bar. Skillful in preparing drinks, as well as hospitable and professional, he makes a lasting impression on guests. With the same passion for communication with guests, he creates perfect cocktails, providing you with a unique experience and atmosphere of Vienna nights.

Don’t spread the word, keep it just for you!

“The Glasswing team will continue to innovate, set benchmarks, and create memorable experiences in the restaurant that celebrates the art of gastronomy,” noted Alexandru Simon when asked about future plans, and we recommend you to visit The Amauris Vienna, the Glasswing Restaurant, and the Glasswing Bar & Bistro, to be part of the gastronomic haven in the very heart of Vienna and witness the personnel’s professionalism, competence, politeness and hospitality. Let yourself enjoy this experience, but don’t spread the word, keep it just for you.

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