Why Dropping One’s Anchor is of Utmost Importance

Once upon a time, Lucius Annaeus Seneca uttered: “When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind”. And, he was correct.

It is very important for each and every one of us to have a place to drop our anchor. Ports are our sanctuaries, as well as starting points for new challenges. Ports embody safety, security and limitless opportunities.

That is why the very first New Belgrade based condominium complex – “Wellport”, is the port of good life. “Wellport” will provide its residents with peace, security, comfort and a base from which they can embark on new victories. The sample apartment and sales office, located at Tadije Sondermajera Street in Belgrade, were recently visited by media representatives, who had an exclusive opportunity to learn about the facilities and amenities that “Wellport” apartment owners would get to enjoy.

Ms. Mina Kalezić, Sales and Marketing Director at the leading real estate consultancy in Serbia – CBS International, which is a part of the “Cushman & Wakefield” Group, took the media guests on a tour of the model apartment. The guests were shown premium quality of finishing works, as well as additional amenities featured in this modern residential complex.

“Wellport is being constructed by the renowned international company ‘Shikun & Binui Group’. The complex will feature a private park, central 24/7 reception, security, video surveillance, professional maintenance, garage and key card access for its residents. This first New Belgrade based condominium complex was designed by the globally recognized Israeli architect Mr. Rami Wimmer in such a way that we can rightfully call it – a port of good life”, Ms. Mina Kalezić stated at the occasion and kindly invited the guests to take part in decorating the “Wellport” Christmas tree.

Instead of holiday ornaments, media representatives had a chance to place messages on the Christmas tree containing their views on safe harbors and the importance of dropping one’s anchor. Here are some of the most meaningful ones:

“Family is my safe port. I relax with my husband and children after a long day at work. They give me wings for new endeavors.”

“My friends are my safe harbor. For me, spending time with people I love is more than just fun and games. This exchange of positive energy relaxes and inspires me.”

“The park I jog in every morning is my safe harbor, a place that gives me energy I need to face the tasks that await me during the day.”


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