Will we still be working in air-conditioned spaces this summer, without fear of spreading COVID-19 through the air?

Belgrade, July 15, 2020 – A group of Serbian experts has constructed a completely new device that prevents the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses through central air conditioning and ventilation systems and thus reduces the risk of transmitting the infection this way.

With the warm days, emerged some new information from the World Health Organization (WHO) that the evidence of the spread of coronavirus by air is appearing. For that reason, the recommendations of experts to turn off the air conditioning in business premises are getting louder, because, due to the way it works, it can transmit virus particles from one room of the building to another. Also, the increased speed of air flow in the air conditioning ducts raises dust and returns up to the air the virus that fell on the substrate.

The revolutionary solution to this problem, which a group of Serbian experts came up with, works on the principle of UVC radiation in the HVAC UVC channel, which destroys the DNA of viruses and bacteria, sterilizes the air and returns the treated, completely clean air back into space.

This solution can be easily upgraded to existing systems and widely used in buildings with centralized air conditioning and ventilation such as:

hospitals, such as the Clinical Center of Serbia, the Military Medical Academy, the Clinic for Cardiac Surgery in Nis, the Clinical Center Nis, the Clinical Center of Vojvodina and others;

business-residential buildings;

hotels, such as the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Hyatt Regency or the Metropol Hotel;

sports halls;

shopping malls, such as Delta City, Usce, BIG Shopping Center, ADA Mall and the like

and wherever viruses and bacteria can be transmitted by air from one sector through centralized air conditioning ducts to other sectors of the facility and thus infect humans.

This innovative product has been recognized and supported by the Ministry of Innovation and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, as part of the action to prevent the spread and control of infectious disease COVID-19, “Be a hero too”, for which the company Propokan Pro LLC received recognition from. This group of our experts put their innovative solution at disposal to the Republic of Serbia during the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Due to frequent pandemics and emerging biological risks to human health and life, as well as the announcement of scientists about a pandemic of a new mutated virus, our experts recognized the importance of the solution that will help people avoid this way of infection and decided to focus their knowledge and efforts on solving problems which we are faced with.

You can read more information about this innovative product at the following link, and you can watch the video animation here.

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