Winter is best when it is on Enso Restaurant’s menu

You may wonder why fine dining restaurants so often change almost their entire menu. One of the postulates of this cuisine is that the ingredients must be of high quality and freshness, which is a prerequisite to any meal to be perfect. Thus, at the beginning of the month winter quietly crept into Enso Restaurant at the Metropolita Petra 8, Belgrade, next to the Bitefartcafe club, with all the delicacies and desserts that make us look forward to visiting it.

Enso Menu Cvemicphoto-8059

However, the chefs did not play it safe, so the dishes that you may find familiar, will actually surprise you at first taste. For example, you will eat squid instead of pasta in your Carbonara. Enso Restaurant chefs say they want to leave all guests  breathless by surprising tastes and unimaginable combinations. “If you listen to what your guests say, you will hear opinions based on something they already know, something familiar. If I love a good steak, and you serve me a good steak, I will definitely enjoy it., but it will never be – a unique experience. In order to create a unique experience, one should not listen to the guest” says Ferrán Adrià, and the team behind Enso Restaurant agree. Kitchen is open from 1 to 11PM on weekdays and up to midnight on weekends.

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