Winter tires on cars are used by 91% of drivers in Serbia

Results of MOL Serbia research on consumer needs and behavior during the winter

During December, the company MOL Serbia conducted a survey on the behavior and needs of its customers, more precisely drivers during the winter months. The research included over 900 respondents from the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Based on the attitudes of the respondents, it was shown that the citizens of Serbia take into account the conditions of using their cars during the winter, and thus the traffic safety.

The survey showed that as many as 27% of drivers over the age of 56 invest 2 to 4 hours in maintaining their car in the winter. Slightly less, from 1 to 2 hours are spent by members of the middle generation, 37% of them. Younger citizens have also shown interest in maintaining their vehicles during the winter. In this respect, they spend 1 to 2 hours for this purpose.

Winter tire preparation, antifreeze checking and the use of winter windscreen fluids are considered to be basic winter car care. Of the total number of respondents, 91% taking into account the use of winter tires, 84% are regularly using antifreeze as protection in winter conditions, while 77% are using winter windshield fluids.

Preparing a car in the service is considered the extra winter care due to the cost of it, as shown by the fact that 36% of respondents are using these services. Awareness of the use of snow chains in winter driving has 38% of the total. Among them, the largest percentage belongs to women.

In the colder season, when the engines reach operating temperatures, more slowly, the use of top fuels is extremely important. The survey showed that 32% of respondents are using premium fuels during the winter. On colder days, it is important that the fuel is more resistant to clotting due to low temperatures, and the MOL EVO PLUS Diesel formula helps the car starts more easily, thanks to a formula enriched with more additives. The use of MOL EVO PLUS Premium fuel in winter conditions is suitable during colder days, below -5 ° C, when the car is parked for several consecutive days – Diesel can freeze in this case, as well as for older cars.

The survey has showed that 73% of the examinees relies on the advice of experts about car maintenance. Among them the largest percentage are women. 63% of customers that participated in a survey take care of vehicles themselves, without any expert advice. regarding protecting their cars during winter.  Of that percentage, the largest number of drivers are older than 56. At MOL service stations throughout Serbia, while refueling, it is possible to get all the necessary information about winter car care.

“Regular vehicle maintenance is important during the whole year. In this way, you will ensure a safer ride, but also keep save other traffic participants and extend the life of your car. When we talk about winter conditions, there are small but significant steps that you can apply by yourself, and they will significantly contribute to greater road safety in difficult driving conditions. First of all, we advise you to replace summer tires with winter ones. Replace the windshield fluid and be sure to pour the one that does not freeze at low temperatures. We recommend you MOL EVOX screen wash as well as EVOX Ice spray. Use premium fuels, such as MOL EVO Plus, since they will help the car starts more easily and provide you better engine performance, said Ana Dešić, interim Head of Retail.

The drivers that participated in the survey, conducted by MOL, allocate from 2000 to 7999 RSD per year for the maintenance of cars in winter conditions.

All the above data show that winter car care primarily depends on costs, as well as that the transition to winter tires is the most important activity in terms of preparing the car for the winter season.

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