With Amstel to Europa League Finals

Thanks to the best results in the context of activation “Our game for the finals” the five winners won tickets for the grand finals of the Europa League, while the first 100 awarded special Amstel shirts.

Five contestants: Dragan Stojanović, Milena Ivanić, Petar Arbajter, Vladimir Simović and Maša Balović, achieved the best results in the activation of the Amstel “Our game for the finals” and got see the grand finals of the Europa League, the “Friends Arena” in Stockholm. Our game for the finals lasted from 10 April to 14 May this year, in addition to the aforementioned five winners’ travel to the finale, 100 competitors with the best results won the Amstel special jerseys. As part of the activation of the participants had a task to, within 90 seconds of the “kicking” penalties, achieve as many goals in order to be better placed in the rankings and to win a prize.

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