Women In Business, Media and Culture: 50 successful women and 50 female students exchanged experiences in Novi Sad

Empowering the future: Successful women entrepreneurs and aspiring female students share insights at Novi Sad conference

The “Women In Business, Media and Culture” conference, dedicated to encouraging female entrepreneurship, supported by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, was held on November 20th at the “Sheraton” hotel in Novi Sad.

“I tell the female students who are present here, some of whom are future entrepreneurs, that they must be very persistent and that they must constantly work on themselves and not pay attention to how others see them and to set a clear goal,” said Maja Gojković, President of the Assembly of Serbia.

We will still fight against prejudice towards women, although it is somewhat easier now, and progress in this matter is hindered by the fact that we do not have solidarity, Gojković made a point.

“I believe that strength and success, personal, but also of society in general, comes from the selfless sharing of knowledge, and that’s why I think that actions like this are a great way to encourage young women,” said Brankica Janković, Commissioner for Protection of Equality.

“This is a place and an opportunity, in the presence of a large number of women, to highlight the fact that with strong self-confidence, courage and perseverance, almost every woman in today’s world can and should succeed,” said the Provincial Secretary for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious communities Dragana Milošević.

Milorad Radojević, a member of the City Council for the Economy, attended the opening and said:

“In recent years, the city of Novi Sad has had an option called ‘female self-employment’, through which women can apply for the financial resources needed to start their own business, and this year, for the first time, we secured funds from the Government of Serbia and the Ministry of Innovation and Technological Development for those that are already operating and are present on the market”.

At the conference organized by the Association “The Best Fest” and the company Color Media Communications, 50 successful entrepreneurs participated, as well as 50 female students who want to try their hand at business, media and culture after completing their studies.

The conference was also attended by the Provincial Secretary of Finance Smiljka Jovanović, Lara Ham, founder and “Quintessentially Adriatic” licensor, Olivera Simović, president of the Novi Sad Chamber of Commerce, Manja Grčić, director of “Antena Grupa” for Serbia and Montenegro, Nadežda Gaće, founder and editor-in-chief of the portal “Novi Magazin”, Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski manager of Matica Srpska Gallery, Milana Kvas, manager of the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection, Olivera Balašević, Director of Salayka, Vesna Dedić, TV personality and writer, Minja Miletić, Host and journalist of N1 television, Snežana Dakić, Journalist of Women’s Television, Ivanka Jovanović, Executive Director of the National Organization of Persons with Disabilities of Serbia, Jelena Bačić Alimpić, Writer and many others.

After the working lunch, the participants of the conference heard a story from the tourist guide on the topic of “Famous Women of Novi Sad” and then visited the exhibition “Perceptions: A woman according to society?” which was organized in the Matica Srpska Gallery in cooperation with the British Council.

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