Women’s CEO Summit: Dragana Orlandić – Being Open to Change Allows a Company to Navigate Challenges

After the “Women’s CEO Summit”, which was held on March 14, 2024, at the Belgrade’s Madlena Art Palace, the CEO of the Dahlia company, Dragana Orlandić, discussed with us the company strategy in regards to promoting women in leadership postions, her advices to young aspiring women and future plans for their company.

How does the Dahlia company, under your leadership, approach the challenges of promoting women in leadership positions, and what strategies do you consider the most effective in this context?

The cosmetic industry itself is more receptive to women and therefore the ratio in the number of employees is always more on the side of women. Certainly this is a topic that is current and that captures a lot of attention from the public and the corporate world. Strategies that I feel can be effective would be:

Equal opportunities: Ensuring fair and transparent processes for employment, promotion and compensation regardless of gender.

Setting measurable goals: Setting goals to increase the representation of women in leadership positions and ensure control of management responsible for progress.

Leadership Development Programs: Providing training and development opportunities specifically tailored to women, with a focus on leadership skills, negotiation and executive presence.

Flexible working arrangements: Offering options such as telecommuting or flexible working hours to meet the diverse needs of women in leadership positions.

How do you see the role of women in leading positions in companies, in promoting sustainable development and environmental responsibility in the corporate world?

Advocacy for sustainability initiatives: Using their influence to advocate for environmentally sound practices within the organization and encourage the adoption of sustainable policies.

Setting strategic priorities: Integrating sustainability goals into a company’s long-term strategic planning and decision-making processes.

Driving innovation: Leveraging their leadership positions to promote and prioritize the development of environmentally friendly products, services and processes.

Given your experience, what advice would you give to young women who aspire to occupy leading positions in business? How can they overcome specific challenges and resistances on the way to leading positions in the business?

Aspiring women leaders should focus on building confidence, seeking mentorship and honing their skills. They can overcome challenges by advocating for themselves, cultivating flexibility, and expanding and nurturing their support network.

In addition, staying informed about industry trends and leveraging their unique perspectives can help you see different perspectives and ensure a sure path to leadership positions.

Dahlia is a leader in the production of cosmetics, a domestic company with a very long history and a wide range of products. What would you single out as the reason for how your company managed to last as long as it did? And after a century, how do you see the further development of the company, what is planned?

Quality and innovation: Longevity often comes from consistently delivering high-quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations. Continuous innovation in formulations, packaging and marketing strategies can help a company stay relevant in the ever-evolving cosmetics industry.

Adaptability: Successful companies adapt to changing market trends, consumer preferences and technological advances. Being flexible and open to change allows a company to navigate challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

Brand reputation: Building and maintaining a positive brand image is crucial. A strong reputation for reliability and ethical practices can create long-term customer loyalty.

Customer connection to brand and company: Establishing a strong connection with customers fosters brand loyalty. Connecting with your customers through different channels, collecting feedback and using it to improve products and services.

Employee Satisfaction: A committed and motivated workforce is essential to sustained success. Investing in employees, professional training and creating a positive workplace culture contributes to the company’s development.

Plans for the future: Operating as part of the large system of the Siberian Wellness company, our plans will be focused on a couple of strategic directions of development:

Permanent investment in the factory in order to improve production processes and ensure compliance with principles and environmental standards.

The transfer of Siberian Wellness product formulations that takes our factory and production process to a higher level.

Participating in environmental activities and caring for the local community through all improvements, certifications and implementation of best practices.

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