Yettel and Mobi Bank Made Paperless Contract Signing Possible

Yettel is becoming the first telecommunications company in Serbia that will make it possible to sign paperless contracts and other documentation. At the same time, Mobi Bank is the first bank in Serbia that will enable signing of documentation in this way to all customers who opt for interest-free credit when purchasing mobile devices.

That means that in Yettel shops, Yettel and Mobi Bank customers will have to put their signature for specific transactions maximum 3 times, instead of 16 as till now, and will leave the shop without contract documentation in paper form. Instead, all documents signed in this way will be available in digital form, in Yettel and Mobi Bank applications.

Saša Filipović

“Introducing signatures on tablet, will make transactions with users of mobile services quicker and simpler, and the time spent in the shop shorter. The documentation will be accessible to the customer at any time, while the whole process will be more efficient. In this way we reduce also the negative impact on the environment, because the consumption of paper will be significantly reduced“, says Saša Filipović, Yettel Chief Commercial Officer.

Yettel’s goal is to reduce the use of paper by more than 90 percent, as well as to significantly simplify the process of contract signing for customers.

Next year, Mobi bank is planning to digitalise the process of opening a current account according to the same principle, whereby this percent will rise to 100%.

Bojan Dimić

”Mobi Bank and Yettel have been nurturing a strong partnership for years and now it’s time to jointly launch a new wave in the banking and telecommunications sectors. We are at a threshold of major changes and this important step to full digitalisation is just the first one in a series towards our goal to be the best bank for the citizens in Serbia, with full social responsibility. We also owe great thanks to the National Bank of Serbia, which recognised the importance of this project and supported the signing of paperless contracts in Yettel shops, all with the aim of providing the best experience of digital banking for the citizens of Serbia”,  is the message of Bojan Dimić, Executive Commercial Director of Mobi Bank.

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