Young talent as the priority for large companies

New generations are the driving force behind each society. Their energy creates growth and development, so employers are increasingly motivated to get them on board.

It could be the accelerated development of new technologies or some other factor, but it is now increasingly hard for the older generations to understand the younger ones. Young people nowadays do not feel like being limited or tied down in any way, which creates new challenges for banks, car sellers, and other businesses whose products involve multiple-year payments. Given that the market is always the first to react to any changes in society, one of the most pressing questions is how can companies attract young professionals? How to motivate them? And, most importantly, how to retain the young talent?

For years now, NIS has been organizing multiple youth programs trying to attract talent, create learning opportunities, and get young professionals to join the team

Conventional HR practices fail to overcome this challenge, and most global companies are actively searching for new ideas.

Most employers recognize the value of young professionals, their enthusiasm, and out-of-the-box thinking. Young generations are always a driving force behind any society, with their energy and initiative driving development and growth. Companies worldwide are now trying to offer attractive benefits and solutions to get the young minds on board. Some hope to entice talent with new and exciting technology, others with flexible hours and remote work arrangements.

What about Serbia?

Interestingly enough, one of the first to rise to the challenge here in Serbia was NIS, a company working in the conventional oil and gas industry, but committed to innovation. For years now, the company has been organizing multiple youth programs trying to attract talent, create learning opportunities, and get young professionals to join the team. The most recent one is the NIS Energy program launched in late 2020. It is designed for graduates and master’s students from the faculties for engineering, technical sciences, economics, organizational sciences, mining and geology, electrical engineering, technology, metallurgy, mathematics, and law. The program, adjusted to the current Covid-related limitations, offers the best students one-year paid program in the leading energy company in the region. It allows the participants to apply the knowledge they received in practice, and the company benefits from the new innovative ideas the young talent brings to the table.

“The first 16 candidates start their work in February. Our mentors will guide them for the entire duration of the program. Apart from day-to-day work, NIS Energy includes various training courses, lectures, and workshops. Each graduated student will also work on an individual project. The participants will sign one-year contracts with the company, and after the program will get a chance for steady employment,” NIS representatives shared with Diplomacy and Commerce.

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