Zaječarska brewery supports the revitalisation of public drinking fountains in Zaječar

Water is the most important resource of the future, and citizens of Zaječar will be able to use healthy drinking water from renovated public drinking fountains thanks to the signed Agreement on patronage of reconstruction and revitalisation of public drinking fountains in Zaječar.

The agreement was signed by the Mayor of Zajecar, Boško Ničić, the director of HEINEKEN Serbia, Viktor Gillhofer, and Boban Pogarčić, president of the association “ZA česme”. According to the Mayor of Zaječar, Boško Ničić, healthy drinking water is the future of humanity and a natural resource that needs to be adequately used. Director of HEINEKEN Serbia Viktor Gillhofer is convinced of the contribution of Zaječarska Brewery, which operates within the company HEINEKEN. Revitalisation of the first drinking fountains is expected in autumn. The process of reconstruction and revitalisation should last for the next 4 years, as it is necessary to renew each of almost 50 fountains in Zaječar.

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