Listening to the needs of the true beer lovers, after basic research and use of the latest production techniques, Zaječarsko Beer has launched a new wheat beer on the domestic market! Zaječarsko Pšenično is made in traditional way, using wheat and barley malt, fresh hops and excellent yeast that leaves a light, fruity, almost tropical taste.

Wheat beer, which is more and more popular in our area, has three characteristics that distinguish it from the standard light-coloured lager. A large share of barley malt is replaced by wheat containing more protein, giving a blubbery and blurred mild flavour. In production, the upper fermentation yeast, which synthesises aromatic compounds, is not used in the standard light beer. Also, wheat beers do not clear, and they remain blurry. Zaječarsko Pšenično can be purchased all over Serbia, in a return glass glass of 0.5l, a non-returning bottle of 0.33l and a can of 0.5l, and there is also a draft beer.

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