Zoran Djurić, Miele Serbia- Top Quality is the best reference

The expansion of the sales network and the opening of the Belgrade Waterfront Miele showroom are some of the plans we have been implementing with a lot of enthusiasm. Customers recognize our commitment to quality, which we never compromise in line with our slogan “Forever Better”

Miele Serbia ended last year with an increase in sales (together with Miele Montenegro) by as much as 53 percent, and this year, the company, among its many activities, will open the Belgrade Waterfront Miele showroom. The potential of the market is great as customers have yet to discover all the technological benefits of Miele products and opt for healthy lifestyle habits that can be conquered with the help of this brand.

Miele is a leader in technological innovation. How hard is it to be “Forever Better”, as your slogan says?

— We succeed by insisting on quality, on which we never compromise. That is the only approach that can result in becoming a leader in the premium home appliances brand and to be Forever Better.

How is our market responding to innovative and new products?

— One gets the impression that the market is not sufficiently prepared for innovative products, in the sense that users often perceive technologically advanced models as complicated. However, once you start using Miele devices, your perception changes. We have recognized that the goal of innovation is to improve the quality of life, which is why Miele devices combine new technologies with the simplicity that fosters intuitive use.

How important is the support you get from your headquarters and how much is their experience helping you?

— The centralization certainly has its advantages. Performance in all markets is uniform and coordinated, facilitating work processes and overall communication. Strategic directions are easier to implement because they come with precise guidelines. However, a system designed in this way increases the degree of organization at the expense of flexibility. For example, every local Miele office uses the same services, although, in some cases deviating from this practice, would be more financially justified.

Miele achieved significant global growth last year. Are you satisfied with the results in Serbia?

— The past year has been turbulent, but we are very pleased with the results. Globally, there was a 3.2 percent increase in sales, while in the case of Serbia and Montenegro, there was an increase of 53 percent. We are proud of the growth we have achieved, but also of the fact that we have celebrated our successes by expanding our team.

You take great care of clients and their wishes. What feedback do you get from them?

— Commitment to the customer is imperative. This is, first and foremost, evident in the way our showrooms work, as a kind of experience centres where you can try out the devices and see if they fit your preferences. We also received positive feedback on the appliance training programmes and the Miele Kitchen Experience interactive cooking. However, our users always rate our customer service the best. We are the only brand that has its own customer service, and this service reflects our orientation to the customers’ needs and the fact that every customer gets the same treatment, regardless of when they purchased their product.

How much does the concept of healthy living affect household products today?

— Market and customer needs are known to dictate tendencies. We were among the first to recognize the role that the concept of healthy living played and have incorporated its postulates in our devices. For us, a healthy life is not only about the quality of food preparation, but also the approach to the environment and energy efficiency. Our entry into the segment of vertical plant growing in your own home is an interesting step forward for us.

What can we expect from Miele in 2020?

— The expansion of the sales network and the opening of the Belgrade Waterfront Miele showroom are some of the plans we have been implementing with a lot of enthusiasm. Following the very successful launch of the next generation of built-in devices, we are now introducing the first Triflex rechargeable handstick with unique design, outstanding flexibility and balance.


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