ZORAN TADIĆ, General Manager, Neofyton: The Highest STANDARD OF SERVICE

Neofyton is a dynamic innovation-oriented company founded in 1992 in Novi Sad. The company’s success is based on the representation of leading global companies in the plastics and rubber processing industry – Engel, Piovan, Eurochiller, MB Conveyors, Trio and Sipa – in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and from 2016, Africa. In 2013, the company opened a representative office in Zagreb. During 2018, Neofyton also participated in international plastics processing fairs in Germany and Nigeria.

The company’s goal to deliver the highest standard of service and top quality equipment, all from the same source. The integration of the process-sales and consulting, delivery and commissioning, service and training, as well as the partnership with our clients – are the backbone of our business and development.


Engel Company as one of the leading manufacturers of plastic injection machines and automation provides a complete system of solutions and technology based on innovations and energy efficiency. By designing, implementing, monitoring, automating and maintaining more than 400 plastic injection machines, Neofyton is positioned at the very top of the best vendors of plastics production machines. Professional and trained team has proved itself worthy of the clients’ trust which provides clients with additional assurance assurance when doing business with Neofyton. Neofyton partners with Advantage Austria and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia promote development of dual education model in Serbia.

Top management of Neofyton has decided to pass on the secret of success to younger generations by involving them in the dual education process in Serbia. Neofyton’s General Manager, Zoran Tadić, explains that the plastics processing industry is often treated as invisible, although the companies in this sector employ about 3,000 people and pay 30 million euro annually in taxes.

“Dual education is a crucial idea for the development of the entire industry in Serbia, and our sector as well. Just like other sectors of the economy, the plastic processing industry is challenged by a lack of skilled labour, which we pointed out a few years ago, “says General Manger of Neofyton, Zoran Tadić.

Mr. Tadic sees education as an opportunity to help young people choose appropriate profession.

“Although the vast majority of young people in Serbia and their parents want to complete university education, it is a fact that 85% of the workforce are high school graduates. Therefore they are the driving force behind the development of the economy and the state,” Tadić explains. He adds that, together with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Neofyton realized what the real needs of the plastics industry are and thus has been trying to adapt its through generating more interest among young people for new educational profiles, training them fast and ensuring a good quality retraining for senior workers.

In partnership with Austria’s Engel and Italy’s Piovan, and with the support of Advantage Austria, Neofyton donated the Polymers Laboratory of the Department of Production Engineering at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad last year. The value of this donation is around 100,000 euro, and the donation is made under the auspices of Neofyton’s dual education project.

Neofyton’s General Manager, Zoran Tadić explains that the idea about the laboratory came about a few years ago when he was contemplating how his company could give back to the state after the state and society had invested in their employees through education.

“Expectations are that, every year, the afore said Department will produce between 10 to 15 graduate engineers who will be trained to assume duties immediately in the plastics industry. The plan is for this cooperation to be extended every three years by replacing existing equipment with new one. The Faculty’s Department of Mechanical Engineering is also cooperating with the Department of Polymers from the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad,” says Neofyton’s General Manager, Zoran Tadić.

He believes all of that will boost Vojvodina and Serbia’s competitiveness and motivate to both domestic and foreign companies to invest further in Serbia by raising our country’s competitiveness.

Founder of Neofiton Stojan Tadic, Marko Tadic, Zoran Tadić, Rade Doroslovački from Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, Marlen Burgštaler from Advantage Austria WKO, Zoran Milosević, Provincial Secretary for Higher Education and Scientific Research Activity, Branka Pilic from Faculty of Technology and Dragisa Vilotić from Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.


In 2018, Nefyton organized its first Injection Technology Forum – ITF, where international experts in the field of plastics presented the best practice cases and new business opportunities. In addition, there was a demonstration of machines and networking.

Neofyton claims their company is the right place for developing skills and knowledge related to the latest technologies in the plastic processing industry.

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