Zvonko Marković held Review in Paris

Days of Serbian fashion, within the framework of the project “Serbia – the country of lilac” were held on 11th July at the residence under auspices of Serbian ambassador in Paris, H E Rajko Ristić. The organiser was Vesna De Vinča who brought together many members of world diplomacy and aristocracy.


This extraordinary event was dedicated to Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević, son of Prince Pavle. The show was opened by collections of Zvonko Marković, the only Serbian designer who has exhibited in the most prestigious fashion event – Haute Couture Week in Paris. Collection is specifically made for this project. It is inspired by the great love between Helen of Anjou, Serbian princess from the French court who won the heart of Tsar Uroš. This love was crowned by planting an entire lilac valley, whose flowers and the smells are still reminiscent of the repercussions of this legendary love.

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