A new brand for a new beginning

Addiko Bank is a new brand under which the former Hypo Group Alpe Adria AG from 11th July is going to operate in Serbia and in other markets in the region.

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The identity of the new brand, which was unveiled today reflects a new business strategy of the bank, its unique position, but above all a commitment to improvements and changes of the concept of banking for which the bank is committed, so-called practical banking. “The new brand signifies a positive change and as such makes it an essential part of our business strategy, which focuses primarily on retail banking and small and medium enterprises” – said Ulrich Kissing, Chairman of the Board. “Practical Banking describes the way in which we want to brand Addiko, what we offer to our customers and what sets us apart from the competition. We want to be a bank that fulfills the promise of direct, fast and efficient banking, and so we keep the confidence of customers. Only in this way we will become even better, with the desire to be the bank of first choice” – he added. The new website can be found at the address https://www.addiko.rs.

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