AMS Insurance – part of a perfect vacation

Planning a trip abroad? Before you go on the road do not forget the fact that the quality Travel health insurance is a part of the perfect vacation.

If you have already travelled abroad, then surely you know that the medical treatment in other countries is very expensive, and that only a preview, you can pay more than 50 euros.

To protect yourselves from unwanted financial losses, you only need to knock on the door of the AMS Insurance. For only 840 dinars, which is the cost of individual policies for 7 days on the territory of Europe, will be covered by the cost of surgical treatment, outpatient treatment, medicines, medical supplies and other medical services, in accordance with the terms of insurance. For those who are going on vacation the family, this is a real benefit, because in this case the premium is only 1,848 dinars. Just resolve everything by calling the telephone number that comes with the policy, and be sure that we will, if agreed, your expensive medical costs will be assumed by us.

The AMS Osiguranje, at very affordable prices, can provide the home insurance for your apartment or house against a number of risks such as fire, water outflow from the installation, banditry, bad weather or burglaries, if it is agreed, in accordance with the terms of insurance. You’ll get an additional 10 percent discount on the entire insurance premiums amounts to household.

Take advantage of the benefits that we offer and come to Ruzveltova 16 in Belgrade, or at one of over 250 outlets throughout Serbia where he will be welcomed by qualified and professional team who will advise you on the choice of optimal combination of coverage that suits your needs and abilities. For more information visit or call the phone number 0800-009-009.

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