ARE YOU AFTER A NEW PROPERTY? These are the reasons why you should call Skyline Belgrade your home!

If you are after a new property and would like to find a home in Belgrade, a new one-of-a-kind residential-business complex is being constructed in Kneza Miloša Street bearing the name “Skyline Belgrade”. Before visiting our sales office, read about the reasons why “Skyline Belgrade” will, without a doubt, become one of the most desirable places to live in Belgrade.

You will have the best view in and of the city from the comfort of your living room, while residing at a prestigious address located at one of the most important crossroads in downtown Belgrade. Reception, video surveillance and multi-level underground garage will provide you with a maximized sense of security and privacy. Your partner in making this life-changing decision will be the renowned investor “AFI Europe”, known for the first and the only business park in the city – “Airport City Belgrade” and the unique downtown condominium – “Central Garden”. “AFI Europe” has been present on our market for years and is synonymous with quality, responsibility and dedication. The premium quality of finishes and furnishings, central waste disposal system, the largest closed private pool in Belgrade, gym and wellness, multi-level underground garage, piazzetta, reconstructed park – are the future of “Skyline Belgrade” residents.

Alongside the already mentioned, we also have a recommendation for choosing an apartment tailored to your needs. The sales office and its whereabouts are no longer a secret. However, “Skyline Belgrade” sales office is different to the ones around. Not only does it feature a model apartment with top notch finishes, it also contains a “VR Room”, where you can take a virtual walk through your future home even before it is built, as well as a theater-style venue, where you can get acquainted with “Skyline Belgrade” by watching a video tour of this imposing complex.

Thanks to its representatives and the most advanced technology, “Skyline Belgrade” is one step ahead of everyone else. Why would you then be running behind?

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