BAT starts Dunhill production in Vranje

The company is strategically committed to continue investing in the Serbian market

British American Tobacco (BAT) has started production of one of its most famous products, premium cigarettes Dunhill, at its factory in Vranje. Dunhill’s arrival in Vranje is the result of many years of investment in the production and factory modernization. At the same time, its arrival confirms the stability of the company, as well as a strategic and long-term commitment to business and further investment in the Serbian market. With the expansion of production capacities, the factory in Vranje became the fifth factory in the BAT system in Europe to produce this format of premium class cigarettes.

Start of production of Dunhill in Vranje

Premium Dunhill cigarettes will retain the same quality and taste with an innovative package, thanks to the high technological standards of the factory in Vranje, also considered one of the most important factories in the BAT group.

The director of BAT for Serbia and Montenegro, Milorad Krstikeski, pointed out that such results are also a further incentive for the continued development and improvement of the factory’s business. “This year, the factory in Vranje marks 135 years of existence, and since its arrival in Serbia, 17 years ago, our company constantly invested in its modernization, confirmed by the fact that 270 million euros have been invested for that purpose so far. The beginning of the production of premium Dunhill cigarettes in Vranje will significantly contribute to the strengthening of the company’s position on the market, the city’s economy, and thus the entire Serbian economy. Further investments remain one of BAT’s most important strategic commitments, thanks to the engagement of employees, who are the company’s greatest asset, and whose commitment has just contributed to the development and adoption of a new product. In the past period, we kept the complete workforce, we did not use help from the state and we continued with investments “, said Krstikeski.

Krstikeski added that BAT will remain firmly committed to cooperation and dialogue with the Government of the Republic of Serbia on all issues, especially on excise and tax politics, as the most reliable partner in the fight against the grey economy.

Milorad Krstikeski, Director of BAT for Serbia and Montenegro

The director of regional Chamber of Commerce for Pčinjski and Jablanički districts, Goran Jović, reminded that in the past 17 years, BAT has shown exceptional results, has been a reliable partner on the market and has significantly helped in raising the employment rate in south Serbia.

“The development and production of new brands such as Dunhill has a significant impact on the increasement of production volume,  thus creating opportunities for new employment and greater foreign trade. BAT was well accepted by the population and the local community, as we tried to contribute to the alleviation of the pandemic on the territory of the Pčinja district through CSR activities during the state of emergency”, Jović concluded.

BAT factory in Vranje

As a company that has paid more than two billion euros into the budget of the Republic of Serbia through taxes since its arrival in Serbia, BAT will continue to invest in the economy, as well as to develop and modernize the production capacities of the factory in Vranje. One of the priorities of BAT remains corporate social responsibility, which company has shown through numerous donations, both to the local community and to the health and social system of Serbia.

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