Become a Tuborg DJ – the winners are here!

At the club DOT in Belgrade, the final audition was held thus completing the competition “Become a Tuborg DJ” which, during the days of the month, attracted more than 200 participants. The authors of the top eight mixes demonstrated their skills live at the audition, and three winners, in addition to the title of best in the Tuborg competition, won the music production course at the SAE Institute in Belgrade.

Pobednici Tuborg DJ konkursa- Nemanja Jovanović, Chrono i Nick Lawyer
Winners were Nemanja Jovanović, Chrono and Nick Lawyer showed exceptional skills, and excellent performance proved that they are worthy of the title of Tuborg Dj’s, and their techniques, thanks to Tuborg, will be able to improve in the course of music production at the SAE Institute in Belgrade. Lea Dobričić, now a known name in the music scene, itself began a career similar competition, but this time she was a jury along with his famous colleagues Vlado Janjić and Kristijan Molnar.

Žiri- Kristijan Molnar, Vlada Janjić i Lea Dobričić
“Tuborg has given us a really big chance to show what we know and share our skills with an even greater number of people. We hope that this victory will bring us some new engagements, a production course at SAE Institute will definitely greatly improve our skills” winners said in unison.

The contest, which encouraged young fans of electronic sound to express their talent and attempt to become the DJ Tuborg was created as a result of the initiative Tuborg brand to motivate young people to develop their talents in various spheres of art and provide them with support in the realisation of their creative ideas. It was preceded by a competition for the design of new cans of Tuborg, which gathered a large number of creative people from around the region with the aim of the famous canned give a new suit, and all fans of Tuborg new experience when consuming their favorite beer.

Pobednici konkursa sa članovima žirija i predstavnikom kompanije Carlsberg Srbija

“I am very pleased that we have successfully implemented this competition that promoted talented young people and support them in achieving their dreams. It is this, in addition to a great night out, the main mission of Tuborg brand and constantly strive to provide the fans of Tuborg something more and that our contribution to the community is always recognised, “said Ana Rodić, IPBS & Digital Coordinator Carlsberg Serbia

Until next challenge, Tuborg invites all fans of good entertainment to watch the activities on the official Facebook page

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