Belgrade Bar Association Against Corruption: Soon the software chooses lawyers ex officio

A unique list of lawyers and supervised appointment of defense attorneys in the future will be the only way of functioning between courts, prosecutors’ offices, police and lawyers, which will eliminate any possibility of corruption, the Belgrade Bar Association said today.

“The new software based on special software, which will appoint defenders ex officio by calling from the special col center of the Bar Association with 24 hours of working hours, will soon be operational. Everything is organized within a program application that ensures strict adherence to the order on the list of defense attorneys and allows the bodies of the procedure, that is, the courts, the prosecutor’s office and the police, to execute ex officio the phone of the co-operator in the organization of the Bar Association in the appointment of the defense counsel, instead of the current way that implied the immediate communication between the police, the prosecutor’s office or the court that sets up and the lawyer who sets himself up “- says Yugoslav Tintor, president of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce

He adds that the application provides the ability to easily view data on all assigned defense counsel and those who have not been set up because they have not responded to the call, including the details of each missed or missed call, as well as the search in the system for each lawyer or for a specific case.

Tintor says that it is also planned to produce periodic public reports and emphasizes that it is a system where the Belgrade Bar Association worked intensively for the past year.

“Now the system is so organized that all lawyers are equal in exercising their rights and the Chamber’s attitude towards everyone is equal, without exception and without privileges. We have introduced transparency in work and enabled everyone to get involved in order to preserve the interests of the profession. For example, young lawyers and interns now have the opportunity to take part in the work of the Chamber. We have worked hard to improve the position of an individual’s lawyer – to buy the electronic database of regulations necessary for work at a ten times lower price than before, that there is an on-call phone for which 24 hours an emergency occurs. The chamber has also decided that each lawyer will receive the right to financial assistance after childbirth in the amount of 500 euros, and in the last year more than 100,000 euros have been paid to all colleagues who became mothers from January 2015 to August 2018. a special solidarity fund so lawyers can help their colleagues in case of illness, “Tintor said.

For the first time, the Statute of the Bar Association of Belgrade has been amended by the fact that the powers of the President are reduced and anticipated mechanisms that provide for the changeability, as well as the principle of the responsibility of the Chamber bodies for the results of their work.

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