Bosnian pyramids and the tunnels of longevity in Visoko

Interview with Semir Osmanagić founder of the Foundation “Bosnian valley of pyramids”- by Vanja Kovačev

“I don’t lead, I serve”

Semir Osmanagić founder of the Foundation “Bosnian valley of pyramids”

Bosnia is a land of wonders! It has always been that in many aspects – natural wonders, the amazing people diversity, charming and famous pan-Jugoslav humour, a multifaceted warm hart for everybody, a unique multi-ethnic whirl and best model of “Brotherhood and Unity” -a slogan of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia that was coined during the Yugoslav People’s Liberation War (1941–45) which evolved into a guiding principle of Yugoslavia’s post-war inter-ethnic policy. Bosnia is the birthplace of many extraordinary people, beautiful mixed marriages and romances… but also is, according to Semir Osmanagich, the cradle of the ancient civilisation that has built Bosnian pyramids.  Many have already visited Sam’s Valley of pyramids and many plans to do it soon; The best tennis player in the world Novak Djoković visited Visoko 3 times and is a good friend of our today’s interlocutor dr Sam Osmanagich.

“In Visoko Bosnia, visitors can see the largest and oldest pyramid on the Planet, 29.200 +/- 400 years old”

Who would, in their wildest dreams, though that a little town of Visoko, situated 35 km north of Bosnian capital Sarajevo, would ever become an archaeological tourism focal point. Dr. Sam is sure that these pyramids are man-made and that they date to cc: a 30 000 years BC. Our classic schooling and everything we grew up with is telling us that previously mentioned is hard to believe but the idea seems imaginable when the storyteller is dr Semir Osmanagić or Sam Osmanagich – a Bosnian businessman and author. Since 2005 people know him as the person who discovered “Bosnian pyramids”. Osmanagić claims that a cluster of natural hills in central Bosnia and Herzegovina are the largest human-made ancient pyramids on Earth.

It has been 16 years since Semir discovered what he calls the Bosnian valley of pyramids and since than thousands of people gather in Visoko. Up to 120 000 visitors in 2021 – according to predictions. Diplomacy&Commerce team too. All people we saw there want eagerly to take photos with a Bosnian Indiana Jones; people from all around the world; mostly Bosnian diaspora but also many, many others. There are also many volunteers from all four corners of the globe who work in Visoko. When we walk together, Semir stops whenever someone asks for a photo, smiles, asks where the people are from; speaks gently to small kids and babies, jokes with guys, compliments ladies. Semir has a unique charisma and a nice, people-friendly approach. Good energy, soft, warm voice, kind words, smile and time for everyone. He is 60 but looks younger, is vital, charismatic and radiant. He goes around like a humble people leader, Wiseman and sort of all-knowing guru or one might say a new age prophet. People like him, almost worship him. Many watch his youtube channel and listen to his telling about life, health, global tendencies, corona etc.

“This project is more than archaeology. It’s open for everyone, bringing spiritual peace, a stress-free zone and a different view of our ancient past”

The site in Visoko has definitely become a tourist destination. DC was there in August 2021 and had an exclusive opportunity to meet Mr. Osmanagić and to witness the size, power and uniqueness of this site in Bosnia.

Dear Sem, what can people experience in Visoko now 16 years after your discovery of the Bosnian pyramids?

Bosnian Pyramids is a unique archaeological and scientific project. Visitors can see the largest and oldest pyramid on the Planet, 29.200 +/- 400 years old. They can walk on the best quality concrete blocks that cover pyramid sides. They will enjoy elements of sacred geometry in pyramid layout: perfect triangle among Bosnian Pyramids of the Sun, Moon and Dragon. They will experience walk in a prehistorical underground tunnel network with healing properties. They can meet some of our archaeologists, engineers or volunteers at work. Walk in our most beautiful park “Ravne 2” is a special treat for everyone with its artistic, energy, recreational or children installations. Cultural programs are most diverse and all for free. This project is more than archaeology. It’s open for everyone, bringing spiritual peace, a stress-free zone and a different view of our ancient past.

Vanja Kovačev and Semir Osmanagić

How and why did you decide to move back to Bosnia from Huston USA and start the excavations and research in Visoko? Was it a moment of sudden revelation or realization or a decision you made after long consideration?

Discovery of the Bosnian Pyramids, the first in Europe and oldest on the Planet is globally important. My decision to move from the USA to Bosnia was a very logical move. It was a challenge I couldn’t avoid.

Common people admire, almost adore you and follow you like their guru and spiritual leader; how do you feel about it and what do you think is the reason for that?

People feel good intentions and devotion to noble goals. Their visit to our sites is more than tourism. It’s new understanding, sincerity, good vibrations between us. I don’t lead, I serve.

Tunnels of longevity in Visoko

How do you see the future of this amazing Bosnian Pyramids project in a small country like Bosnia? How will the Ravne area look like when this project reaches its 20th centenary?

We’re the island of freedom, peace, critical and inter-disciplinary scientific thinking of our past, a place where clean and free energy is considered and Tesla’s scalar waves as a communication device are understood. Yoga and meditations, healthy lifestyle and nutritionism, detox and regeneration by pyramid energies, the balance of physical and spiritual, harmony with nature and among us humans…. comes in a logical way. We don’t want to be an extension of technology; we want to remain, natural people, where technology serves us. Our ideas and reach are global.

Bosnian valley of Pyramids in Visoko



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