Business League 7


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Formed by a group of enthusiasts, the Business League 7 aims at promoting football, as well as socially responsible behaviour  of both business companies and individuals. After several months of hard work, we have  succeeded in setting up the League – a competition in amateur football  of 6+1 format  (6 players plus  goalkeeper) otherwise known as basic football, that has been promoted and played in Europe for years, but for the very first time here in Serbia.

Having formed the teams consisting  exclusively of players from business companies such as NIS, Telekom, VIP, Banca Intesa, Unicredit Banka, Addiko Banka, Eurobanka, Carlsberg, Sport Vision, Porsche, VMA, Meridianbet,  Generali Insurance, we have come up with the idea to broaden our scope of activity. In other words, apart from promoting “the most important of all unimportant things”  in most men’s lives, we have decided to endow our League with a socially responsible, humanitarian streak.

We want our  Business League 7 to be the opportunity for individuals and companies to join forces in humanitarian activities  such as various types of donations to schools, hospitals, institutions or individuals in need of help,  recognized and nominated by the League participants. Apart from promoting a healthier life style, we hope to be able to contribute to creating better living conditions for those in need.

We have already secured cooperation with the Football Association of Belgrade, the most important football institution in Belgrade area,  that will support our League and its humanitarian activities in their own way.

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