Carefree on skiing with AMS Insurance

The fact is that injuries on skiing are very common, and only a medical examination abroad can cost you over 50 euros. Choosing a quality Travel Health Insurance will protect you from unwanted financial losses and provide you with your loved ones a carefree holiday you deserve.

AMS Insurance has been successfully operating in our market for 20 years and has built its name and status in reliable products tailored to the needs of its customers. Complete the Travel Health Insurance policy with us and you will be covered from the cost of surgical interventions, dental, hospital treatment and other health services, if agreed, in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance.
We are keeping accounts of our clients and that is why we have provided you with an additional 20% discount on the total premium of Travel Health Insurance this year, which makes your budget even more relaxed. Thus, the insurance premium for an individual policy, for 7 days of skiing, in the territory of Europe, will cost only 1,260 dinars, and if you go skiing in a family, the premium will equal 2,772 dinars for the same time period.
And in order to leave completely relaxed on vacation, do not forget that, while on the way, you also provide your apartment or house. We offer you the opportunity to secure your home at very affordable prices from a number of risks such as fire, water spills from installations, robbery, weather or burglary, if agreed, in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance. If, along with the completed household insurance policy, you choose to provide items in your apartment or home in addition to the building facility, you will receive an additional 10% discount on AMS Osiguranje for the entire amount of the insurance premium.
Do not let unplanned events spoil you in the circle of your loved ones, but travel completely safe, leaving the care of the professional and professional team of AMS Insurance. Think about the time and come to Ruzveltova 16 in Belgrade or at some of the more than 250 retail outlets across Serbia and with friendly staff, consult with the selection of the most suitable combination of coverage, in accordance with your needs and capabilities.
For more information, please call 0800-009-009 or go to
AMS Insurance wishes you a pleasant and happy journey!

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