Charity #WakeUpCall to help the most vulnerable

In the new situation caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Marketing Mreža, in cooperation with donors-companies MARS, Imlek, Jaffa Crvenka, Mioni, Delta Holding, Marbo Product, Knjaz Miloš, Mlekara Šabac and Chameleon Ruma, launched a #WakeUpCall humanitarian action assistance to the most vulnerable categories of the population.

As part of the action, about 2,000 packages have been donated to single parents and families without income, as well as to the homeless in Belgrade and the surrounding area. This charity packages contain over 15 different food items, which volunteers deliver on a daily basis.

“Immediately after the state of emergency was declared, we felt that we need to respond and do something specific for the community. We engaged the advertising industry in Serbia to work together with aim to help the most vulnerable population groups. Very quickly, we got positive responses from the companies – demonstrating humanity and solidarity. Social responsibility must not just be the trend being talked about, it’s the duty and obligation for all of us” said Ivana Parcetic Mitic, founder and CEO of Marketing Mreža.

She also stated that the main goal of #WakeUpCall is to start a wave of humanity, to help the most vulnerable groups, but also to inspire companies to show how important is to rely on one another in difficult situations.

The #WakeUpCall action was supported by the humanitarian organization Banka hrane Beograd.

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