Choreography scene in Egypt and Serbia

Cultural Centre of Belgrade, in cooperation with the Embassy of Egypt in Serbia, organized a Roundtable on „Choreography scene in Egypt and Serbia“, with the participation of two main members of Cairo Opera Ballet Company, Anja Ahcin and Ahmed Yehia. Roundtable was moderated by Dr. Vladimir Tomašević, dean of the Belgrade Dance Institute.

Ambassador of Egypt to Serbia, Amr Aljowaily, pointed out the Memorandum of Understanding between Cairo Opera House and Serbian National Theatre, which represents a solid base for cooperation between two leading institutions in their regions, including participation of a number of Serbian artists in the Cairo Ballet Company, which is considered a concrete model for exchange of experience between artists. He added that it was agreed, during the meeting of the ministers of Culture of Egypt and Serbia last October, on the occasion of Egypt’s participation as a guest of honour at the Belgrade Book Fair, to strengthen cooperation between two opera houses in various activities, including artistic performances that are unique to each country.

Director of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Aleksandar Ilić, thanked the Embassy for the initiative to organize first joint event with the Centre, pointing out that a number of other activities were agreed, including a week of the Egyptian film and a photo exhibition. The representative of the National Theater, also discussed the possibility of developing joint dance theater projects that highlight similar aspects in the culture of the two countries.

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