The Coca-Cola system has been launched by the unique digital magazine Coca-Cola Serbia which presents all relevant information about the operation of the system in an innovative, fun and contemporary way.

Digital magazine Coca-Cola Serbia leads its visitors through the magic world of Coca-Cola, introducing them to numerous facts from history, local stories, programs and initiatives, business practices and people who make up the whole system. Why is Sprite green, how to practice in Coca-Cola, what happens in a teenager’s phone, or where Rosa’s parenting schools are all open-ended are just some of the authentic stories that make up the content of the digital magazine Coca-Cola Serbia. This unique platform offers rich and visually appealing content to readers, as well as the latest news on actions and initiatives, delivering timely and reliable information about the operations of the entire system. You can explore the contents of this platform yourself, get informed and have fun on the following internet address:

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