Dissent is My Way of Being Patriotic

Jovana Ružičić, Founder of “Repats Serbia” and Founder of the “Center for Moms”

Life in the U.S. taught me that I should be persistent, trust my powers, and believe that anything is possible. Now I am using that knowledge and experience to improve my own country and help advance women’s rights

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Like many other repatriates, Jovana Ružičić – the founder of “Repats Serbia” (a group comprising over 1,200 Serbians who have returned home) and the “Centre for Moms” NGO – is surrounded by two prejudices: that “patriotism” is an overused word, and that being successful means being a long way from home.

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One thought on “Dissent is My Way of Being Patriotic

  1. Hello,
    I would like to join your group and be involved. I have lived in the states for 15 years and now i live in Serbia with two kids. It is very difficult!! Id like to feel like im not alone 🙂
    Thank you

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