Centre E8 – In the Struggle For a Better Society

Theatre As Youth Work

The Theatrical Centre E8 tries to connect the two endangered “species” in a macho society overwhelmed by transition and crisis: education and art. They believe that art educates and that the education can be quite artistic – all of it in the struggle for a better society and a better world in whole

Machism In Macho Societies

The late Jovan Ćirilov, a leading figure in the performing arts, philosopher and writer, said that the problem of manhood must be treated non-typically and that in macho societies, especially those like Serbia, the play “Macho Men” is of great importance. He said that this play treats the problem of manhood in its traditional form with rather a large dose of irony. He characterised it as having very high artistic level.

Crvena by Sonja Žugić

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