Enso restaurant presents itself within the GOOD FRANCE / THE TASTES OF FRANCE

After the fantastic success of the world’s two “French” dinners, which were organised in March 2015 and 2016, we are is pleased to announce that the restaurant will be organising the third edition of Taste of France on Tuesday, 21 March 2017.

The concept remains the same: around the globe, restaurants, bistros from those modest to the most exclusive spots on the culinary map of the world, will offer its guests for dinner more than 1,000 menus in honour of French gastronomy. In 2015 it began with 1,000 restaurants, second edition brought together 1,700 restaurants, and for 2017 the target is as many as 2,000 restaurants, chefs and the menus. It is an exceptional honour to be among the most distinguished restaurants in the world! Goût de France (Flavours of France) is organised at the initiative of one of the most famous French chefs, Alain Ducasse and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

The concept is inspired by the ancient idea of Auguste Escoffier, who was back in 1912 organized the Epicurean dinner (on the same day, in several world cities a menu for a large number of guests – more precisely, 60,000 of them was served). However, the gastronomic festival Goût de France – Flavours of France does not offer the same menu throughout the world. On the contrary, each culinary master has the opportunity to put together their own menu using local produce and traditions as an inspiration, and the chefs of Enso restaurants, Uroš Ivošević and Nedeljko Jerković responded to this task. The menu is inspired by French cuisine and is designed “à la française” adhering to the traditional framework of the French aperitif with canapés, appetisers, two entrees, two desserts, wine and champagne

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