FuckUp Nights – For the first time we tell „Advertising Fail Stories“

Integrated Marketing Communications Agency DNA Communications and Center for Technology Entrepreneurship Development ICT Hub will organize for the first time in Serbia a FuckUp Night devoted to tales coming from the advertising industry. Thursday at 18 h in Playground Center for Innovations ICT Hub, gathered guests will have the opportunity to hear stories about personal and agency failures, without embellishments nor filters, straight from successful industry professionals.

The event is designed to host four speakers with several minutes long presentations, followed by a Q&A section. The goal is to share experiences, convey valuable lessons and encourage others to persist in their business ventures. On why and how they faced business failure, and what they learned from it, these marketing specialists will share their stories at the first Advertising Fail Stories event:

  • Miša Lukić – CEO for Central and Eastern Europe, Publicis One
  • Boris Marčetić – Owner and Creative Director, Popular Communications

  • Bojan Joksimović – Director general, O5 Brand and Design Consultancy

  • Marija Lončar and Jelena Uzelac Vasić – Creative Director and Director of Strategic Development, DNA Communications

FuckUp Nights is a global movement and a series of events where stories about failed business endeavors are shared in a free and open manner, active since 2012 in more than 250 cities around the world. The movement was created with the goal to revise the social disapproval linked to the concept of failure and acknowledge that failure is an integral part of the process of building successful business enterprises. Proof that the change of mindset is already happening lies in the immense success that the FuckUp Nights have garnered around the world.

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