Gebrüder Weiss transports goods with CNG truck

Logistics company Gebrüder Weiss and its longtime client implemented an environmentally friendly transport solution: a truck 100% powered by CNG (compressed natural gas), and it will now transport goods between plant facilities. In one round, the CNG truck crosses a distance of around 1,700 kilometers (to the destination and back).

The new sustainable direct transport results in environmental balance: compared to EURO-6 diesel truck, the CNG truck emits around 20% less CO2 in one direction. In both directions, the truck will transport goods between Austria and Serbia two to three times a week, thus crossing more than 200,000 kilometers annually.


“This is the third CNG truck and it represents a further step towards the testing of environmentally friendly drive technologies in everyday logistics operations. The other CNG trucks are used on locations in Vienna and Memmingen. Since September 2018, the company also tested an electric truck in the Vienna city area. This primarily refers to electrification of urban distribution traffic, where emission-free pollution and low noise levels play an important role.” – stated Nikola Vasiljevic, Head of International Transport at Gebruder Weiss Serbia

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