In the year when the Hilton Hotels and Resorts Group is rounding off the first century of operations around the world, Hilton Belgrade also marked a significant jubilee – the first year in the Serbian capital, filled with numerous awards and a very successful breakthrough at the Belgrade’s hospitality map.

A year ago, eagerly awaited the work of the world catering giant in Serbia and the opening of the Hilton hotel in Belgrade, was eagerly waiting. Excitement has turned into a great hotel experience since the first day of work, as well as record sales of all conference and capacity for special events and celebrations within the hotel. During the preparations for the formal opening, hotel officials gave about 1,000 interviews to the media and associates, while on the day of opening, Hilton Belgrade visited more than 1,000 people.

“The opening of the first Hilton hotel in Serbia was very successful. The business environment and the local market have responded greatly to the positive changes Hilton has brought to the market in its unique way, setting new standards of catering in Serbia. We are extremely proud of the dedicated and loyal team members that we consider to be the basis of the success of the Hilton Belgrade Hotel “- said Nicolaas Houwert, director of the Hilton Belgrade Hotel at the celebration of the birthday of Belgrade’s Hilton hotel. “This success fairly accurately reflects some figures, such as a Green Key certificate, five domestic and international awards, 27 pets he wanted and more than 19,000 check-in procedures,” said Houwert to guests at a celebration held at the eighth restaurant floor of the hotel.

Over the course of a year, Hilton Belgrade with its kindness and unique service enchanted a little less than 60,000 guests, precisely 59,578, for which a stay in the Belgrade jeweler of the famous Hilton chain of the hotel prepared as many as 56,172 beds. The special interest of the local public caused the opening of the restaurant SkyLounge located on the 8th floor of an exclusive hotel. SkyLounge has recently picked up the sympathies of local clubbers, business people, a large number of celebrities and guests from all over the world, and it’s no surprise that, along with the restaurant “Two Kings”, SkyLounge served around 114,000 guests for over a year serving 75,000 cuisine specialties and 130,000 versatile drinks.

A large number of corporate events, festivities and conferences hosted by the hotel are the hallmarks of a successful investment and good business policy that Hilton Belgrade has put at the very top of Belgrade’s catering offerings from the very start, where it will, apparently, remain for a long time.

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