Humanitarian organization SOS Children’s Village Serbia started the campaign “What colour is your heart?”

Humanitarian organization SOS Children’s Village Serbia among the first in our country, launched the campaign of collecting regular, monthly donations from citizens through standing orders and / or direct debit of the donors account. The action “What colour is your heart?” will enable all individuals, who want to continuously help children from Serbia without parental care, to do that.

From February, SOS representatives are available to our citizens in public places (streets, shopping malls, business and residential buildings, fairs, etc.). They do not receive donations in cash, but offer interested citizens to choose the option for donating -a permanent order and / or direct debit. All those who have the desire to continuously help the children of Serbia without parental care become members of the Golden Heart Club. Membership implies:

• regular monthly donations in the selected amount;

• the possibility of changing the amount of the grant at any time, or the termination of membership;

• regular monthly reporting on the activities of the SOS Children’s Village through e-mail.

This system of collecting regular, monthly donations, more commonly called Face to Face Fundraising, is conducted by all major non-profit organizations around the world.

SOS Children’s Village Serbia is a humanitarian, non-profit organization that has been working for 14 years to improve the quality of life of children and youth without parental care until their economic independence. As this organization provides long-term support to children without parental care, until their independence, the collected donations will help them to continue to change the lives of hundreds of children across Serbia.

Currently, in SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo, there are over 70 children aged 0-18 years from all over Serbia, in 14 family houses with SOS parents. Support for SOS families is provided by professional psycho-pedagogical teams on a daily basis. After SOS Children’s Village, children are transferred to the SOS Youth Community, where they are preparing for independent living with the support of educators.

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