INTERSPORT introduced a new business era


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INTERSPORT ISI Group, based in Slovenia, has been present in the region since 1999. With the change of the owner and a new approach to the market, a new chapter started in the business by the expected positive business results, while the turnover in the region in 2016 exceeded 100 million euros.

INTERSPORT Serbia recorded this year a turnover growth of 20%, and in the coming years it is expected that the sales growth trend continues. With more than 5,500 stores in 46 countries, INTERSPORT is a global corporation on the world market, the leading retailer of sports equipment, apparel and footwear, as an international company, it successfully works at the local level. By 2020 they plan to open another 15 new stores, and thus create about 80 new jobs. “With the new owner INTERSPORT have opened up new possibilities, and our customers get all the time they need for efficient and successful sports. Especially in Serbia expect an intense expansion of the brand, which will be realised in the development of modern retail network, which will contribute to the rapid growth of the market share of sports equipment in Serbia” said Mateja Jesenek director of INTERSPORT ISI Group. At the end of 2017 INTERSPORT Serbia customers will be even closer to the range of quality sports equipment, modern digital offering. Another novelty in the business involves developing of the franchise The Athlete’s Foot, which is an international corporation bought in 2012 and which has since been intensively developing in all continents.

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