IV Week Of The Italian Cuisine In The World

The Fourth edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World will take place in Serbia from 18 to 24 November and is organized by the Italian Embassy in Belgrade in cooperation with the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC), the Italian Agency for Foreign Trade (ICE), the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (CCIS), Confindustria Serbia, the Vice Honorary Consulate of Italy in Subotica, supported by Italian and Serbian companies.

The program of the 2019 World Italian Cuisine Week is supported by Generali, Mercator and Hilton. The latter will offer a special menu of the Executive Chef Mirco Nocchetti at “Two Kings restaurant”, starting today, throughout the week.

The Fourth Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World and its rich program of events, from today in 110 countries around the world, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, is associated to the campaign “Water Emergency Contribution” (“Contributo emergenza acqua”). This campaign of the Municipality of Venice to support the city, which was badly damaged by high water, will be reiterated at each event, and moments of reflection on the events of the last days will be proposed.

“Let’s Help Venice! Pomozimo Veneciji!: The Embassy of Italy embraces the appeal launched by the Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, inviting everyone to contribute to the campaign for the high water emergency. “Venice is Italy’s pride, Venice is everybody’s heritage and a unique place in the world. Thanks to your help it will shine again”. Donations can be transferred to the following bank account. Thank you!

During the last edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, Italy organized more than 1900 events in its 296 diplomatic and consular missions. The theme of this edition will be “Food education: the culture of taste”, which aims to promote the high quality of Italian products, as well as the culinary art, a very important element of Italian culture.

To enhance the centrality of the theme of food education and to put in value the whole potential of local cuisine also according to the Italian tradition, particular importance will be given to cooking classes held by great Chefs. Firstly, from today until Thursday 21st, Chef Eros Picco will give lectures at the “Visoka Turisticka Skola” of Novi Beograd, and from today until Friday 22nd the  “Scuola Bianca” from Salerno will give lectures at the “Visoka Hoteljerska Skola” in Belgrade. Lessons will also be held at “Piazza Italia” Cultural Center in Subotica, another city in Serbia where numerous events of the Week will be held.

Among the various activities planned, there will be seminars on Italian and traditional products, workshops on Italian cuisine, a two-day fair organized by the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, “PortaItalia” and “Bianco e Rosso”, to promote Italian high quality products, and two special events, the first promoted by Confindustria Serbia to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Rome-Belgrade Alitalia’s flight, and the second, the “Day of Italian wine” on Italian wines of excellence, organized Saturday 23 November by Italian Agency for Foreign Trade (ICE).

Furthermore, from November 14th to 27th, Mercator, Idea and Roda supermarkets in Serbia will promote Italian products in dedicated sectors.

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