Kpmg Company Receives Virtus Awards for Contribution to Community

The company KPMG won this year’s VIRTUS Award for contribution to the local community. In the past year more than 70 young people have acquired practical and theoretical knowledge for further professional development, by the programme paid internship at KPMG.


At the same time, the company has provided financial support to young talents in the field of science. The best high school students allowed to participate in international competitions in mathaematics, chemistry, physics, computer science, and the most talented elementary school students had the opportunity to join the Junior Science Olympiad. KPMG also takes care about the protection of the environment, and works to empower communities by helping various associations that support is needed.

KPMG_Virtus_05 KPMG_Virtus_04

“Accordingly, we are sponsors of various kinds of education aimed at youngsters, students, to our employees, customers, and employees of non-governmental organisations. Our employees, at all levels, participate in special programs, mentoring, teaching in schools and so pass on their knowledge and experience. We provide free services and tax consulting and audit. “- said James Thornley, CEO of KPMG.

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