Leave the care about your assets to AMS Insurance

You will be able to dedicate yourself to nice moments with your loved ones only if you know that you are completely safe in your home, and that the property in your possession is protected from the occurrence of damage. Often we are not aware of the dangers that can cause us serious financial consequences. Are you ready to bear the full cost of the damage at one time? We suggest that you take care of your property to the professional and professional team of AMS Insurance.

AMS Insurance has been successfully operating in our market for almost 20 years, and has built its name and status on reliable products tailored to the needs of its customers. By completing the household insurance policy with us, all your movable and immovable property is protected from numerous unforeseen events, in accordance with the insurance letters. If your home, things and valuables are damaged by fire, weather, water spills from installations or burglary, but if AMS Insurance is contracted, you will be paid the cost reimbursement in the shortest possible time.
The household insurance premium is determined depending on the size and age of the construction facility that you provide, and if you have chosen, along with the construction facility, to provide items in your apartment or home, with AMS Insurancee you will receive an additional 10% discount on the total amount of insurance premium .
We remind you that with us you can also provide your car with numerous damage by completing Casco osiguranje policy. You can pay the premium in 12 monthly installments, and we will also give you an additional discount for payment.

Do not allow unforeseen events to spoil what you love, but provide yourself and your family with the security you deserve. At Ruzveltova 16 in Belgrade or at some of the more than 250 retail outlets across Serbia, you will be welcomed by friendly and professional staff who will advise you on choosing the most suitable combination of coverage, according to your needs and capabilities.
For more information, please call 0800-009-009 or visit www.ams.co.rs

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