LG 4500 AIR CONDITIONERS: Excellent heating solution during transitional weather

Thanks to technological innovation and inverter technology, the LG Electronics (LG) air conditioners ensure lower consumption and bring great savings which makes these devices an excellent heating solution during transitional weather and in winter, as well as a cooling solution during the summer period.

LG offers comprehensive solutions when it comes to air conditioners of superior energy efficiency which, due to their elegance, are cut above the rest. In addition to the sophisticated design, the LG air conditioners provide outstanding technical solutions, have the latest technology and ensure a more efficient heating.

One of the key features of the newer generation of LG’s air conditioners is Inverter technology thanks to which the user can quickly set the desired temperature, regardless of whether the air conditioner is used for heating or cooling. This innovation brings markedly lower consumption, and as a result, great savings when the time comes to pay the bill. Furthermore, this makes the LG conditioners an excellent solution for heating in transitional weather and during winter, as well as in the summer period. Inverter reduces energy consumption by up to 70 percent under certain conditions, making air conditioning with the use of this technology very energy efficient.

In addition to the benefits of the innovative inverter technology, the efficiency of the LG air conditioners is achieved thanks to the highly efficient and environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant. In addition to having a higher cooling index than other freon technologies, the R32 Freon technology is both more economical and safer.

Another important feature to mention in the LG conditioners is the antibacterial air filter which collects miniature particles of dust, pollen and mites and prevents them from reaching the room that is being air conditioned. Parents know best how important this is for children. A feature that further demonstrates LG’s focus on incorporating the latest technologies into its products is the airflow, or the amount of air that the air conditioner can supply to the room. Instead of having just one direction, technology development has enabled air conditioners to distribute air in three or four different directions at the same time, which is best noticed during cooler days.

Another advantage of the LG air conditioner is the ability to be managed from anywhere through a Wi-Fi connection and exclusive LG applications. Thanks to this function, users can cool or warm their homes from any location. With the latest silent engine technology and healthcare technology, the revolutionary LG Inverter air conditioners create a healthy and comfortable atmosphere in your home or the office, without making a sound.

The LG air conditioners have a wide range of functions that allow you to adjust the temperature and energy consumption in each room, depending on the room’s size, in order to achieve optimum conditions.


Additional features:

• Users can select the direction of movement of the wings among the 6 pre-set positions in order to achieve the desired air flow direction.

• The double protection filter collects a layer of dust over 10㎛ and bacteria.

•The comfortable sleep mode ensures maximum comfort when sleeping by automatically adjusting 3 different functions (Indirect airflow / 7h shutdown / Light wind and sleep time logic) at a simple push of a button.

• The comprehensive automatic cleaning function prevents the formation of bacteria and mold on the heat exchanger, thus providing a more pleasant and comfortable environment for the user.

• The Gold Fin™ technology ensures that the air conditioner’s surface is more resistant to corrosion and improves the durability of the heat exchanger over a longer period of time.

• The 4-way automatic movement adjusts the airflow based on the environment, allowing optimal distribution of warm air in the living environment and quick warming.

• Each air conditioner has an EER (Energy Efficiency Assessment) that measures how much energy is needed for the air conditioner to function under certain conditions. Higher the EER, more energy is saved.

• You can adjust the temperature and airflow throughout the room with just one push of a button on a remote control.

• Thanks to the Wi-Fi module, the LG air conditioner can cool or heat your home before you get off work and you can turn it off when your house is empty.
LG air conditioners are designed for the life that is stylish and of superb quality, its minimalist, streamlined appearance can easily be matched to all types of interior design.

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