MARIJANA M. PRODANOVIĆ, PHD Vice-dean, Anglistics Study Programme, Singidunum University: The Advantages Of Diversity

We are proud of what we have achieved over two decades of hard work, especially of the fact that we provide our students, not only from our country and the region, but also those coming from many countries of the world, with education both in Serbian and English.

Is it still necessary for us to leave the country and opt for the universities around the world in search of quality study programmes taught in English?

— It no longer a requirement for us to leave Serbia, and go abroad in order for us to be able to acquire education
and degree in English. Singidunum University offers a full range of accredited study programmes in English. No matter whether your aspirations are related to natural sciences, engineering and technology, social sciences or humanities and regardless of the fact whether you are just about to embark on your studies or to continue walking along your education path – via postgraduate studies, the options that used to be exclusively available abroad can now be found in our immediate neighborhood.

Multilingualism and multiculturalism as an imperative of the modern world – in what way does Singidunum University respond to these phenomena?

— Contemporary social trends do not only approve of multiculturalism but are also strongly supportive of the idea of multilingual individuals – from the early childhood. Being fully aware of the responsibilities our role carries, we provide our students with the opportunity to learn several foreign languages all throughout the course of their studies. Apart from the English language, as a lingua franca in the modern world, the knowledge of which we continuously polish, Singidunum University students can also become fluent in e.g. French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, and many others – what can, once they have become active participant on labour market, make them stand out from the fierce competition they might come across.

Who are the Sigidunum University English-taught study programmes aimed at?

— In the wide spectrum of English – taught study programmes, offered at Singidunum University, one can choose from e.g. the field of economics, tourism and hospitality, food economics, English studies, data science, computing, information technologies and many others. Singidunum University English-taught study programmes do not only allow individuals to work in the best possible conditions, and with teaching resources that follow contemporary trends in their respective fields, but also to learn about the benefits of a multicultural environment. As such, our study programmes bring young people from all over the world together, which helps them broaden their horizons, both as future experts in their chosen fields, as well as global citizens who recognize, value and benefit from all the advantages of diversity.

In what way are studying a foreign language and studying in a foreign language related concepts?

— Foreign language learning is frequently associated with studying in a foreign language – although these are two different phenomena. On one hand, studying a foreign language, almost unavoidably, implies one’s interest in its most diverse traits and layers – such as: lexicon, grammar, phonological system, morphological features and many other details that distinguish between knowing a language and knowing about that language itself. On the other hand, studying in a foreign language is the study of a selected field (e.g. economics, IT, tourism) in a foreign language as the language in which the courses are taught. At Singidunum University, we enable both education of future experts in the field of English, as well as experts in relation to other fields that have acquired knowledge in English as a foreign language.

What can be the next step after studying in English?

— Regardless of whether you are studying English or choosing to acquire a degree in relation to another field taught in English, the structure, content, or rather the nature of the studies represents a guaranteed path leading to diverse possibilities. Not only do the acquired skills and knowledge represent an entrance to the world labour market, but they also provide a pathway for continuing education and training at higher education institutes around the world at the same time.

What do you pride yourself on the most? What are your aspirations? What is the future of studying in English in this country?

— On a daily basis, we offer our students education that responds to the demands of modern society and trends in science and technology by focusing on the future. We believe that study programmes in English will consolidate their position in the local sphere of higher education and will thus continue to carefully follow and respond to current demands; as well as to set new goals in order to enable our students to fully maximize their potential.

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