Mars Launches #HereToBeHeard Campaign to Advance Action on Gender Equality

Opinions of women worldwide on creating a better future will be analyzed at the University of Oxford

With it’s long-standing aim for gender equality, Mars has launched a new global campaign #HereToBeHeard to elevate voices of women everywhere to help shape a more inclusive society where women can reach their full potential and an equal chance to thrive.

The #HereToBeHeard campaign was launched as part of the company’s Full Potential platform for action on gender equity in its workplaces, sourcing communities, and the marketplace. On a special website, Mars emphasizes how important every vote is for shaping the future, inviting all women to share their opinion and say what needs to be done to achieve equality. The collected opinions will be part of a global study that will be shared with the whole world and serve to develop activities and initiatives aimed at creating equal opportunities for all.

“Through the #HereToBeHeard campaign, we want to initiate activities that will ensure a better future and make sure that every woman’s voice is heard, and then be transformed into a real plan for achieving equality. Women have played a powerful role in our history and leadership at Mars. But we have more to do… We’re striving to empower more women within our workplace, and across our extended value chain. The magnitude and urgency of gender inequality in society demands more action, and I believe that the business community can actually have a decisive influence and bring positive change.”– said Victoria Mars, Mars Board Member and ambassador of Mars’ Full Potential program.

The initial phase of the #HereToBeHeard campaign is scheduled for March this year, and the votes and messages that are already being collected will be analyzed at the University of Oxford. The results of the research will be published during the summer as part of the Oxford study and will inform the action plans of Mars’ Full Potential platform for further implementation of activities aimed at women’s empowerment.

Professor Andrew Stephen, Associate Dean of Research at Oxford, said: “We’re delighted and thrilled to be working with Mars on the #HereToBeHeard campaign because we believe that working together will contribute to achieving equality. We hope that the results of our cooperation and research will continue to provide useful and meaningful guidelines for the public, business and all other communities around the world.”

By putting inclusivity and diversity at the heart of its efforts, Mars strives to create gender balance and provide equal pay for more than 130,000 Associates. In the UBBAI region, to which Serbia belongs, as well as 14 other markets, women make up more than 46% of Associates, while as many as 75% of women are in leadership teams. Through cooperation with the humanitarian organization “CARE”, activities are aimed at women in sourcing communities. At the same time, with the United Nations, Mars is working to eliminate gender bias and stereotypes in its advertising.

Now, with the strong message “We want to hear your voice!”, Mars is calling for changes to be made on and to continue the conversation through the #HereToBeHeard campaign.

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