Moja Kravica Choco Cream – the first chocolate milk cream

In the presence of a large number of friends, partners and public figures, Imlek presented the biggest innovation in the dairy industry of the whole region – Moja Kravica Chocolate Cream. All participants had the opportunity to enjoy the unique combination of milk and chocolate in the first place, commenting that this cream will certainly become an indispensable member of their table.

The key ingredient of Moja Kravica Choco Cream is milk, which makes this product an important source of calcium. It makes it an important food in the diet of little children, but also of all other generations, which will not remain immune to his irresistible taste. Moja Kravica Choco Cream is rich in milk, which contains the essential fatty acids necessary for the normal operation of the human body, unlike other chocolate creams on the market, whose essential ingredient is palm oil. In developed markets, products that are produced by the industrial process of processing grease and oils of plant origin are becoming less represented, as unnatural compounds are produced, which the human organism has nothing to dissolve and which are difficult to get out of the body.

“Through constant communication with consumers, we have come to the conclusion that the ideal moment has come to bravely approach the product that represents the biggest innovation in the regional dairy industry. We decided to make a blend of the best quality milk and Belgian chocolates of top quality, and in this way we create a unique cream of irresistible taste, which will keep all the benefits of milk. We are extremely proud of Moja Kravica Choco Cream, because it is the first natural chocolate cream on the market, rich in milk fats, calcium and with less sugar compared to other cream, “said Marija Malovic, regional director of public relations at Imlek .

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