Mortgage loans with a lower interest rate in Vojvođanska Banka

Even lower interest rate of 2.95 per cent + 6M Euribor (EIR 2.71%) and one of the lowest monthly installments on the market, are the characteristics of the mortgage loan Vojvođanska banka created for those who want the best conditions for buying a flat or a house.

“Wishing to provide to as many citizens as possible an opportunity to solve one of life’s most important questions, and it is housing, we have further lowered interest rate.” said Nebojša Pantelić, director of network management functions in Vojvođanska Banka. Loans are granted in the amount of 200,000 euros with the repayment period to 30 years, and the right to apply have citizens with personal incomes above 200 euros. They are available to Serbian citizens living and working abroad as well as foreigners who live and work in Serbia.

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