Marko Šelić Marčelo, writer and musician, will hold the fourth in a series of motivational lectures in the framework of the project “I FEEL GOOD, BECAUSE I WANT TO”, which are organized by UŠĆE Shopping Center and Center for Personal Development “Lepo mi je”, on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 At 20:00 in the cinema hall Cineplexx. The theme of this lecture will be – Where we find the elan.

Marčelo’s lecture will open the question – where and how to find the will to move, but also keep enthusiasm for every new step. Known as a versatile personality, Marcello will surely have good advice on this subject and inspiration for new small and big personal victories.

So far, three motivational lectures have been realized within the project, which, through interesting and useful life topics, inspired the audience to move towards achievements in their life and work. Basketball coach Marina Maljković talked with the audience in May on the topic of everything important on the way to the goal and how important it is to work on building personal qualities as well as team spirit. In June, communicologist and culturologist Zorica Tomić gave advice to the audience how to understand others, while Youth YouTube, Milan Inić Yasserstein, in July, showed the audience that fear is not that terrible, but it is important to be brave with it.

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